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Prevalence Study for Medical Students with Disabilities

[NOTE: Study has concluded as of Summer 2017]

Principal Investigators: Lisa Meeks, PhD UCSF School of Medicine; Kurt Herzer, PhD, MSc, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

UCSF School of Medicine is conducting a research study on the prevalence of students with disabilities in the health sciences. The first phase of this study includes students in medical (MD) programs and was completed last year.

This year 2016-2017's survey will include (DO) programs, as well. The survey should be completed by the person who is responsible for determining accommodations for students in the MD/DO program. We hope you will join us in highlighting the need for greater supports for students in the health sciences and medical education.

This research does not involve students, and is a simple collection of data that will be de-identified and reported in aggregate form, and the data will be made available to all schools that submitted surveys once we are done with our analysis.

Questions include: the number of students registered, the number of students within specific disability categories, and the types of accommodations afforded. Depending on the number of students registered, we anticipate this survey will take 15-45 minutes to complete.

The survey will be sent directly to those individuals identified on the website or to the dean of students. Survey's will be sent September 15th and data collection will remain open until December 31st.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need any further clarification about any of the items, as we are happy to help you complete this request in any way we can [email removed due to conclusion of study].