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USMLE Step Exam Guide for Requesting Accommodations

The National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) USMLE examinations (Step 1, 2 CK/CS, and Step 3) will be a key part of your medical school experience. As a student with a disability seeking accommodations, you will need to prepare in advance and understand the NBME requirements.

Requests for accommodations on these exams are made directly to the NBME. The NBME sets their own requirements for requesting accommodations, including specifications for disability documentation, personal statements, and other required information for your application. The request process is outlined on the NBME’s website.

The NBME suggests that students submit their request early and anticipate a response no earlier than 60 days after submission. In our experience, the timeline for responses is closer to 90 plus days, especially during peak testing times. In addition to the 90 plus days wait-time, the process of preparing an application can take 3-6 months. Therefore we recommend you factor in time to develop a personal statement, collect documentation, and allow an additional 90 plus days to file appeals, should your initial request be rejected.

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UPDATED 11/5/18: New link for USMLE redirected to ahead-archive.org

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